Monthly Update June '17

Our first month of summer roared by! We were so busy it felt like we just blinked and June was already over. I have a feeling rest of summer will go by in the same way.  My parents were still here for the beginning of June so Ellasen and my dad squeezed in a day of fishing and donuts!

We also got to celebrate my dad's birthday and Tim's birthday. They are one day apart! 

The kids each had two weeks of summer camp this month and we spent a week at the beach in Hilton Head with friends. Ellasen was at Lifetime Fitness camp. She got to swim, rock climb, play basketball, jump in a bouncy house, do crafts and go on field trips. Eden and Everly did summer camp at their preschool. They do lots of arts and crafts, songs and playing outside.

Our beach trip to Hilton Head was amazing! All the girls loved the beach, and we can't wait to go back! 

Ellasen is a member of our neighborhood swim team. She has practice every day and meets once a week. She loves it! 

Our family was featured in our neighborhood's magazine. We did a photo shoot and there was a nice article inside. 

Ellasen and I took one of her friends to a Braves game this month! The girls had a great time! 

I took Ellasen for a fun girls' day this month. She got her first real mani/pedi! 

Ellasen wrote to her teacher right after school let out. Her teacher got her letter and wrote her back! So cute!

Tim is the team doctor for the Georgia Swarm, the professional lacrosse team, and they won the national championship! Here is Tim posing with the trophy for the paper! 

Here are some more cute photos from our month! 

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