Monthly Update October '17

Fall is finally here in Georiga! We are loving this time of year spending lots of time outdoors and enjoying fall activities. We have been eating dinner with friends on Wednesday nights at the club so that the kids can run around outside and play after dinner. These kiddos love hanging out all together!

The girls had a playdate this month with some new friends from across the street. We are excited to get to know this family and their cute kiddos! Another day this month the little girls all had school so Julie and I took our big girls for a fun art project. The girls painted dandelions! They loved it! 

This inspired us to do some of our own painting at home! I have been busy working on Halloween costumes this month which happens to require a lot of painting so the girls spent one Saturday painting too! 

And here is a sneak peek at my painting project...the girls' butterfly wings for Halloween. 

I had my monthly girls' night with my friends from our old neighborhood. We were missing a few faces, but we had a great time! 

We got Ellasen's school pictures back. Isn't she sweet...

We have had a ton of projects going on around our house. We had our garage and deck painted and I retiled the fireplace in our master bedroom. It has been fun to get some of the projects on our list done. The storage plan for the garage is done we just have to get it installed. The deck looks great too, but the change is less noticeable because we used the same color that was originally on it. I also made some new wreaths for our laundry room. 

Before of the fireplace


We've been having lots of Halloween fun this month! We got "Boo'ed" which is where a neighbor brings a basket of Halloween goodies to your door, rings the doorbell and runs away. Then you have two days to boo 2 other neighboords. I didn't get a picture of the boo basket we received because our three little goblins tore it apart too fast so these are the ones we put together to deliver! The girls loved putting the baskets together and delivering them to friends. 

The preschool has a very cute pumpkin patch this year! I took the girls after school one day. They each picked out a pumpkin! 

The club had a pumpkin painting event one night before dinner that the girls loved! They did a great job on those little pumpkins! 

The little girls have gotten a lot of use out of their Halloween costumes already! They got to wear them to their last music class and for their costume parade at preschool. 

Ellasen had a pumpkin painting project for school this month. She had to pick a book and write a summary and decorate a pumpkin to look like the main character. She chose Bambi. So cute!

The little girls are starting to draw people! This is a big deal! So cute! 

This one is a pumpkin

 I got to help with Eden and Everly's fall festival this month. I helped with the craft table. We had so much fun! 

We carved our jack-o-lanterns a few days before Halloween.

The girls helped me make some delicious apple pies! 

Trick-or-Treating was so much fun this year! We went to our neighbors' house for a little party and dinner before heading out to ring some door bells. We were in charge of bringing the fruit so we made fruit skewers with ghost marshmallows, jack-o-lantern fruit cups and pumpkin dip. The girls had a great time and they got a ton of candy!

Here are some more random pictures from this month! 

Green Smoothie after school
 We continue to have crazy sleepers at our house. This isn't the craziest of the month even, but we don't have a picture of the night we found Everly in Eden's bed and Eden asleep in the bathroom!
Crazy Sleepers strike again...

We do a platter night some nights when Tim isn't home. I put a bunch of different foods on a cutting board and the girls pick and choose what they want and eat off the platter. It is just a little something different and they love it!