May 2018

This was a great month! We had a ton going on all month. I started the month with my annual girls' trip with the OWE (the ortho wives from our time in residency). Melissa planned it this year and of course, we went to California! We stayed at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach. My friend, Abby, moved their about a year ago so I went a day early and she picked me up from the airport. I got to see her house and her family and have dinner with her! So great to see her and how happy she is in the new place.

The view from our place in Pelican Hill was amazing. We had the best time! Tons of shopping, spa and pool time, lots of yummy food, good wine and tons of talking and laughing. Great for the soul.

I made it back from LA just in time for a Mother's Day weekend celebration. It started with what I hope is a new tradition. The girls from my neighborhood took a party bus up to the north Georgia mountains to a beautiful winery. We had the best time! These girls are absolutely the most fun ever!

On Mother's Day Tim sent me and my friend Julie in a black car up to Chateau Elan to the spa. We got massages and facials and had lunch. We had an amazing time! When I got home the girls had made me a banner and we took some pictures.

I also got to celebrate at the girls' preschool. Their little performance was so sweet. We just love their little school!

While all of this was going on the work was being finished in our closet! We love it so much! It is so much more functional and beautiful!

Swim team has officially started and this year the twins are doing the mini swim team! They are all so cute!

We wrapped up the end of second grade with a field trip, a crazy sock day, an indoor field day due to the rain and an end of the year water balloon fight and party that was so much fun!

After the end of the year party Ellasen and I headed to Michigan to visit family and go to my cousin Kelly's wedding. She looked beautiful and happy and we had a great time visiting.

While we were in Michigan my dad took Ellasen fishing which is one of her favorite things to do! She had a great time!

While Ellasen and I were gone the girls had a great time with Daddy! They hung out with friends, went strawberry picking and had fun at a petting zoo!

Tim and I also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this month. We went on a vacation just the two of us a few months ago so we just grabbed dinner that night. We had a great date and lots of fun reminiscing.

We got a golf cart this month! It is actually a "Neighborhood Electric Vehicle". It seats six, has seat belts and mirrors and I am sure a bunch of other stuff that makes it cool or safe or whatever. I am just trying to figure out how to drive the thing! The girls love it.
Here are some more cute pictures from this month. We are squarely into summer now and looking forward to the next few weeks!
The girls made a little hideout in one of our empty cupboards
Last day of 3's preschool for these two

Dance recital hair practice

hanging out at the club for Friday night dinner

Big black eye for this cutie. She bumped it on her bed